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Zero- and Multiple-Order Waveplates

We use laser-grade crystal quartz, IBS coatings and our proprietary epoxyfree bonding technology to produce multiple-order, true zero-order and compound zero-order waveplates. This unique combination of processes results in precise, high-energy components that exhibit environmental stability and excellent transmitted wavefront.

All of our waveplates and waveplate assemblies are adhesive free, making them suitable for high power applications with energy densities exceeding 20 J/cm2 at 1064 nm.

Multiple-order retarders are ideal for narrow- or single-wavelength applications at a specific operating temperature. For increased bandwidth and thermal stability, zero-order waveplates are recommended.

Any Shape, Any Size

We typically manufacture waveplates starting in wafer forms of 2" or 4" in diameter. These large retarders can be sold as-is, core-drilled or diced to almost any dimension, and they are already coated with our high energy, low loss IBS anti-reflection coatings.

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Custom Waveplate Characteristics

Model Number
Typesmultiple order, true zero order, compound
WavelengthUV, VIS, NIR, SWIR (266-3000 nm)
Retardation Toleranceas low as ë/1000
AR Coating<0.1% per surface
Materialscrystal quartz, sapphire
Shapessquare, rectangular, other
Sizefrom 1 mm to 100 mm


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