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High-Energy Polarization Components

Our polarizing beamsplitter cubes are derived from a unique combination of IBS coatings, ultraprecise fabrication and our epoxy-free bonding technology—Chemically Activated Direct Bonding™ (CADB®) which results in laser damage thresholds up to three times the power levels of other commercially available products. We can produce high-energy cube beamsplitters from 1×1 mm2 in size, and in a wide variety of materials including fused silica, BK7 and YAG.

High-energy plate polarizers separate s and p polarizations with an extinction ratio (Tp/Ts) of greater than 10,000:1 in the transmitted beam and transmission (Tp) of up to 99%. Thus, they are ideal for intracavity or extracavity high-power applications where fluences are greater than 500 mJ/cm2 and calcite or cemented cube polarizers cannot be used. Our thin-film plate polarizers achieve superior high-power performance and guaranteed transmission at a specific angle of incidence, with no angle tuning required. By combining dielectric IBS coatings with fused silica substrates, we produce stable components that are easy to align and exhibit high laserdamage thresholds in both reflection and transmission.

Whether you need 10 or 10,000 pieces, our precision wafer-based processes result in high yields and competitive costs, especially at higher volumes. These high-precision components have been widely used in telecommunications, semiconductor and biomedical applications where transmission efficiency, extinction ratio and wavefront quality are all critical specifications.


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