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Solid State Laser Assemblies

These high-power bonded assemblies for solid-state laser amplifiers and ocsillators use Advanced Thin Films’ proprietary CADB® process to produce adhesive free, composite crystal, glass and ceramic structures. Ideal for high-power laser applications for LIDAR, defense and aerospace, materials processing and medical industries, these highly robust, epoxy-free devices can be fabricated in a variety of geometries (rods with end caps, laser slabs and thin disk lasers) and form factors from 1 mm to greater than 100 mm.

The CADB process is extremely strong and offers negligible scatter and absorptive losses at the interfaces; it also works with both IBS coated and uncoated surfaces. Our ion beam sputtered coating technology can handle damage thresholds above 40 J/cm² with less than 2 ppm bulk absorption in the coatings, making them suitable for a wide variety of high power solid state lasers and laser gain media structures including microchip lasers and Q-switch lasers with Cr4+:YAG or Co:Spinel saturable absorbers.


High-power solid-state laser amplifiers and oscillators for:

  • Materials processing
  • Medical instrumentation

Typical Solid State Laser Optics Characteristics

Model Number
Operating Characteristics High-damage-threshold interfaces
Precise Gain Medium Dimension* Thickness Uniformity: ±0.3 µm
Absolute Thickness Control: ±0.5 µm
Materials Crystalline and ceramic YAG, Nd:YAG, Yb:YAG, Cr4+:YAG, Spinel, phosphate glass, sapphire, SiC, CVD, KTP etc.
Custom Thin-Film Coatings Anti-reflection, partial reflection, high reflection
Angle Tolerance End-Face Relative Positioning: 30 arcsec
Bond Areas Up to 50 mm x 200 mm

* All parts come with individual device measurement reports.

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