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High-Energy Broadband Mirrors

These super broadband mirrors (SBB) are ideal for beam-steering applications using both the fundamental laser wavelength and one or more harmonics within the same beam path. Because it is an all-dielectric design, they can handle the high laser powers of both CW and pulsed systems, without limiting the useful angle of incidence or sensitivity to varying states of polarization.

custom high energy laser mirrors

Custom mirrors are available on other flat and curved substrates. Contact us for details on stress-compensated mirrors for λ/10 surface flatness after-coating.

Model NumberMI1050-SBBMI1000-VISMI1000-NIR
TypeSuper Broadband
Dielectric Mirrors
Visible Dielectric Mirrors
Broadband Near-IR
Dielectric Mirrors
Wavelength350–1100 nm350-700 nm700-1150 nm
Reflectivity>99% from 0–50°
(both s & p)
>99% from 0–45°
(both s & p)
>99% from 0–45°
(both s & p)
Clear Aperture85%85%85%
Surface Figure*λ/10λ/10λ/10
Surface Quality20/1020/1020/10
Damage Threshold>5J/cm2 @ 1064nm
>1J/cm2 @ 355nm
20ns, 20Hz
>2J/cm2 @ 532nm 10ns, 20Hz>8J/cm2 @ 1064nm 20ns, 20Hz
Diameter1" +0/–0.010"1" +0/–0.010"1" +0/–0.010"
Thickness1/4" ±0.010"1/4" ±0.010"1/4" ±0.010"
Substrate MaterialFused silicaFused silicaFused silica
* p-v at 633 nm, after coating with Power subtracted.


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