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High-Energy Laser Mirrors

Advanced Thin Films offers superior quality laser mirrors and coatings for 257 to 3000 nm. We use ion-beam-sputtered (IBS) coatings because IBS coatings offer lower scatter and absorption losses and fewer pinhole defects in the coated surface than other coating technologies. This superior film quality and uniformity results in environmentally stable optics with laser damage thresholds exceeding 70 J/cm2 at 1064 nm and 20 ns.

Mirror coatings are available on flat or curved substrates and, because we use all-dielectric designs, they can handle the high laser powers of both CW and pulsed systems.

custom high energy laser mirrors

Why Dielectric Instead of Metal?

Metal mirrors have long been the standard for general-purpose high reflectors, but they have several significant limitations which make them a poor fit for many of today’s laser applications. Although inexpensive upfront, drawbacks of metal mirrors include susceptibility to both laser damage and mechanical abrasions, tarnishing or surface degradation, and poor adhesion. In contrast, the increased reflectivity and durability of all-dielectric coatings can result in improved performance and cost savings over the lifetime of an optic or optical system.

Our broadband dielectric IBS coatings cover wide wavelength ranges from the UV to NIR with > 99% reflectivity, independent of both angle and polarization. In addition, they are easy to clean, scratch resistant and insensitive to environmental changes. With high damage thresholds and low scatter and absorption coefficients, they are ideal for frequency doubled and tripled Nd:YAG lasers, fiber lasers and broadband or tunable laser applications.


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