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Beamsplitters and Dichroic Mirrors

Advanced Thin Films offer many diverse optical components including beamsplitter cubes, diode-pumped Nd:YAG resonator mirrors, nonpolarizing beamsplitters and high damage threshold dichroic and trichroic mirrors. These are just some of the types of coatings that we do every day on in-house and customer-supplied substrates from 1×1 mm2 to 150mm diameter.

High-energy, low absorption thin films that are accurate, durable and environmentally stable are our forté, and we can turn around parts in as little as 48 hours!

SWIR Coatings (2.94 μm and 2–3 μm)

Our IBS coatings provide outstanding performance for the new generation of solid state lasers operating at 2 µm (Ho:YAG, Ho:YLF, Tm:fiber, Tm:YAG), 2–3 µm tunable lasers (Cr:ZnSe), and 2.94 µm lasers (Er:YAG). Designs for these systems include low absorption waterline coatings, high energy laser mirrors, thin film plate polarizers and high efficiency dichroic beam splitters.

Examples of SWIR components include 1.9 µm to 2.1 µm dichroic beamsplitters and 2.05 µm thin film plate polarizers.

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