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Advanced Thin Films Enters Medical Laser Optics Market

Advanced Thin Films Enters Medical Laser Optics Market Boulder, CO – January 14, 2015

Advanced Thin Films announced today that they have entered the medical laser optics market as a provider of high-performance optics and coatings for laser systems. By leveraging ATF’s low loss, low scatter and low absorbing custom laser optics and coatings, vision correction and dermatology laser applications can achieve better overall thermal management and higher power systems.

“The medical laser marketplace is a great fit for our technology and expertise in handling highly complex optical coatings,” stated Clark Tooly, Global Strategic Sales. “We are committed to giving the best service and product reliability possible to our R&D partners. Our innovative engineering, proprietary coating controls and super polishing have been proven in industrial laser applications and we are excited about expanding in this new growth area.”

By offering full prototype-to-production services, expertise in coating, and advanced in-house metrology Advanced Thin Films is Enabling superior lasers™. Visit the Advanced Thin Films website and start gaining more laser control today.



Advanced Thin Films is a brand within IDEX Optics & Photonics and based in Boulder, CO.  They manufacture high power laser mirrors, optical assemblies and custom coatings for the most demanding medical and industrial laser systems using the highest level of engineering expertise available in the field today. Advanced Thin Films’ innovative thin-film coatings are made possible by combining modern ion-beam sputtering techniques with proprietary volume manufacturing technology.

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Amanda MacDonald
Director of Marketing Communications
IDEX Optics & Photonics

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