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Advanced Thin Films

We take advantage of our diverse backgrounds and technical expertise in coating, metrology and manufacturing, we are able to provide precision laser optics and assemblies to the telecommunications, high energy research, industrial, aerospace, biomedical, and semiconductor industries. We utilize in-house design software, advanced optical monitoring, ion beam sputtered (IBS) coatings and epoxy-free CADB® optical bonding in order to meet your most demanding requirements, whether they are spectrally, dimensionally or environmentally challenging.

Measurement is fundamental to everything we do. Whether testing extinction ratio to 45 dB (32,000:1), verifying parallelism to less than 0.1 arc seconds or actually certifying the low absorption levels of our coatings, we believe that the numbers don’t lie. Our goal is to “get it right”, from the initial contact, through the quoting and manufacturing processes.

Advanced Thin Films is known for innovative engineering and responsive technical support, giving us a personal and progressive approach to product planning and technical sales. We view ourselves as your colleague and will partner with you to develop custom and OEM optics that work, at a price and lead time that meet your needs.

Our goal is to respond to your inquiries within 24 hours, so call, e-mail or fax us your questions, drawings and RFQs, and we’ll get you feedback or answers right away.


  • OEM laser manufacturers
  • Semiconductor
  • Scientific Research
  • Academic Groups
  • National Laboratories
  • Telecommunications
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Industrial Application
  • Medical Devices
  • Environmental Sensing & Inspection
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