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Medical Laser Optics Manufacturing

Enabling Superior Lasers™


Advanced Thin Films provides high-performance IBS coated optics that push the boundaries of performance, power and uptime in medical laser systems. We provide consistency you can count on, from the first prototype to volume production.

  • Design expertise – Our team can translate even the most challenging specifications into manufacturable parts that optimize your system performance
  • High performance IBS coatings – Durable enough to handle high laser power, yet easy to clean and insensitive to environmental changes
  • Maximum power with minimal heating – Our low loss, low scatter, low absorption optics ensure power stays in the path, reducing heat generation and increasing the number of treatments that can be performed per day
  • Reliable, drop-in solutions – Consistent delivery of multiple quality components from a single trusted vendor reduces the burden on your incoming inspection
  • Manufacturing backed by metrology – Our advanced metrology capabilities include photothermal common-path inferometer (PCI) and LDT testing, white light interferometry, and extinction ratio measurements that exceed 10,000:1

We understand the challenges of manufacturing to FDA requirements, and are responsive to your needs for documentation, process consistency, and change control.

Read our complete manufacturing capabilities section.

Improve your laser thermal performance with Advanced Thin Films optics

Advanced Thin Films is the world’s premier manufacturer of IBS-coated super-polished laser mirrors, focused on the medical and industrial markets.

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