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Precision optical manufacturing


ATF manufactures a full line of superpolished optical substrates with less than one angstrom RMS micro-roughness for the most challenging spectral and environmental applications. These substrates are polished in Boulder, CO and are subjected to rigorous inspection methods to analyze both surface quality and surface roughness. Our focus on the quality of the substrate prior to coating enhances the performance of the finished product. After all, the optic is only as good as the coating AND the substrate.


With our proprietary advanced metrology systems and polishing techniques, we routinely manufacture and measure optical thicknesses to ±1 nanometer. In addition, our wafer-based fabrication processes produce optics with a wedge of less than 40 nm across a 3” diameter optic—a parallelism of <0.1 arcseconds! These high-precision methods enable us to provide a large volume of high-quality ultra-precise parts at competitive pricing.

Full Optical Capabilities—From Polishing and Coating to System Integration

  • Manufacturing methods that result in <100-nm TTV across 75-mm diameters
  • State-of-the-art metrology that can measure optical thickness accuracies to ±1-nm
  • Adhesive-free bonding—Chemically Activated Direct Bonding™ (CADB®)—that is 100% optically transparent with negligible scattering and absorptive losses at the interfaces
  • Thin-film design and highly robust, durable, and dense, ion beam-sputtered, dielectric-thin-film-coating capabilities
  • Complete capabilities optics shop: shaping, polishing, and dicing with advanced precision
  • Monolithic optical assembly & integration

Design & Rapid Prototyping—Transforming Ideas into Deliverables

We take pride in coming up with creative solutions quickly. Our engineers work with you to design your optic, and because almost all our optical manufacturing work (including tooling design and manufacture) is done in-house, we have the ability to respond quickly—often supplying prototype parts within a few days. We even provide optical design consulting to determine feasibility and functionality during the quoting process. Our goal is to respond to every request within 24 hours.

Laser Scribing

Laser Scribing

ATF has the ability to laser mark fiducials, part numbers or serial numbers on individual components for both Research and OEM applications. We can scribe text and symbols onto polished or ground surfaces and on curved or flat edges in order to help you keep track of lot codes, coating types or product alignment.

The marking process does not damage the optic in any way, so engraving can be done before or after coating and before or after assembly of multi-element parts. Although most often done on glass substrates, we have also scribed crystalline materials and metal housings.

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