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Industrial Laser Optics Manufacturing

Enabling Superior Lasers™


Advanced Thin Films provides custom optical thin film coatings and manufacturing for high-performance industrial laser companies. We are quickly becoming a preferred provider for our robust coatings that allow lower running temperatures and higher power systems.

  • Improved system uptime – Our low loss, low scatter, and low absorbing ion-beam-sputtered coatings give your system the reliability you need.
  • Better ROI – Fewer adjustments are required when using our optics, increasing your customer’s capacity for cutting and welding on a daily basis.
  • Prototype-to-production services – We take it from design to final product and get it into your hands when you need it.
  • We take metrology the extra mile – LDT testing and in-house photothermal common-path inferometer (PCI) testing are not available from most other manufacturers. We also partner with universities and national laboratories to access the most advanced measurement tools in order to provide you with the most accurate and complete information available.
  • Superior support service – Our highly trained and specialized applications personnel understand tight delivery challenges and tight specs.

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Improve your laser thermal performance with Advanced Thin Films optics

Advanced Thin Films is the world’s premier manufacture of IBS-coated super-polished laser mirrors, focused on the medical and industrial markets.

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