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IBS Thin-Film Coating

Why Choose IBS Coatings?

At Advanced Thin Films, our advanced ion-beam sputtering (IBS) technology is a repeatable and controllable process that results in dense, durable, high-damage-threshold thin films.

Unlike conventional evaporative coatings that have porous microstructures, IBS thin films have densely packed structures that make them impervious to water vapor. Consequently, our IBS coatings are insensitive to changes in environmental conditions such as heat, humidity and pressure.

Additionally, our progressive process controls allow us to deposit complex thin film structures with very high precision. By depositing material directly on the substrate and automating the process, we can deposit films in excess of 200 layers with direct control and high precision. The advantages of spectral control include sharper features, higher contrast, repeatable performance and tighter tolerances.

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