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Epoxy-Free Bonding

Epoxy-Free Diffusion Bonding

Advanced Thin Films has improved upon standard optical contacting by removing the “black art” from the optical bonding process. Our Chemically Activated Direct Bonding™ (CADB®) technology results in epoxy-free optical paths that are 100% optically transparent with negligible scattering and absorptive losses at the interfaces — the zero thickness bondline features no residue, no wedge and no outgassing. It offers bond strengths often times equal to the strength of the bulk materials being bonded, resulting in assemblies that are exceptionally durable, reliable and resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. Unlike diffusion bonding, CADB can be used on both coated and uncoated surfaces, making it an ideal process for zero order waveplates, high power solid state laser assemblies and polarizing beamsplitters.

See our article "Optical Fabrication: Optical contacting grows more robust" in Laser Focus World."

  • Beamsplitter cubes
  • ULE Reference Cavities
  • Fabry-Perot etalons
  • Zero-order waveplates
  • Laser rods with endcaps
  • Monolithic assemblies
  • Microchip and thin disk lasers
  • Polarizing beam combiners
  • Fused silica
  • Crystal quartz
  • N-BK7
  • Doped and undoped YAG
  • YVO4
  • KTP
  • Silicon, SiC
  • Sapphire
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