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Multi-element Ti:Sapphire Assembly — Completely Epoxy-Free!

Manufactured using our advanced polishing and metrology techniques and CADB® bonding process, these parts are completely adhesive-free assemblies; each is comprised of nine doped glass and Ti:sapphire components. Built in collaboration with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), the complex geometry and large size of this part required extremely precise dimensional and angular control in order to meet the customer's specifications and tolerances.

Sapphire and Ti:sapphire are "hard" materials, known to be difficult to polish to 10-5 laser quality surfaces. When the request came to produce these assemblies, we realized that we would have to achieve λ/10 surfaces with 10-5 surface quality and surface roughness of less than 1 angstrom RMS in order for us to be able to utilize our epoxy-free CADB bonding technique and meet LLNL's high power laser requirements.

ATF effectively modified our advanced polishing processes to meet the specifications and the new method has proved successful and repeatable enough for a variety of other plano sapphire substrates and Ti:sapphire laser rods.

Measurements of a white-light Zygo interferometer confirm a surface roughness of ~ 0.8 angstroms

Measurements done on a white-light Zygo interferometer and verified via Nomarski imaging on a Differential Interference Contrast Microscope (DICM) confirm a surface roughness of ~ 0.8Å.

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