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Quick Ramp-up from 1,000 to 30,000 Units per Month

When one of our customers asked us to ramp up from 1,000 to 10,000 delivered parts per month—a seemingly impossible task—we reacted quickly and were able to hit the goal in just eight weeks. Several months later they asked us to ramp up again from 15,000 to 30,000 units per month and we met the requirement in just 4 weeks!

It wasn't easy, but by working closely with our customer and our manufacturing team, we are now delivering thousands of high-tolerance parts per month and can respond quickly to schedule changes. Our background in building state-of-the-art precision measurement instrumentation enables us to push industry limits to the nanometer level—in this case it was a thickness tolerance of ±100 atoms!

Consistent processes, dedicated people and state-ofthe-art precision high-volume manufacturing capabilities enabled us to make the impossible possible.

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