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High-Energy High-Reflector Coatings

Our precision optics and laser mirrors are ideal for high-power Nd:YAG and fiber laser applications. We use only ion-beam-sputtered coatings because IBS coatings are significantly more dense, durable, and rugged than conventional e-beam or ion-assisted evaporated coatings. Compared to other coatings, IBS coatings also offer lower scatter and absorption losses and fewer pin-hole defects in the coated surface. This superior film quality and uniformity results in environmentally stable optics with laser damage thresholds exceeding 40 J/cm 2 at 1064 nm.

Precision Laser MarkingIn addition, we now have the ability to laser mark fiducials, part numbers or serial numbers on individual components for both Research and OEM customers. Having the part number, coating type and/or wavelength on each optic can save time and confusion in production environments or in lab set-ups like the one shown here.

Custom Mirror Capabilities include:

  • R > 99.99% tested at our site & customer certified to >99.995% at 0°
  • Damage threshold tested to > 70 J/cm2 at 1064 nm at 20 ns, 20 Hz
  • Overall loss certified to <20 ppm and absorption tested to <2 ppm
  • Coated surface flatness tested to λ/20 peak-to-valley at 633 nm (with stress compensation)
  • Coated surface quality of <10-5

Custom Dichroic Mirror Transmission

HR 1064 nm, 45° AOI, R >99.99%
Custom Polarizing Beamsplitter Diagram

ATF IBS Coating Absorption Data
(R >99.99% at 1064 nm)


1064 nm Interferogram
Surface figure = 0.056 wave P-V @ 1064 nm.
Surface Quality meets 10-5 scratch-dig


Northrup Gruman

(Photo courtesy of Northrop Grumman Space Technology.)

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