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Damage Thresholds of up to 100 J/cm2!

Ideal for high-power applications, our ion-beam-sputtered (IBS) mirrors typically withstand greater than 40 J/cm2 at 1064 nm (20-ns pulse length) — among the highest damage thresholds available. As shown below, individual tests on standard high reflector coatings have resulted in values as high as 100 J/cm2!

Our unique robust IBS coating technology ensures superior film quality and uniformity for denser, more durable films that offer exceptional environmental stability, lower scatter and absorption losses, fewer pin-hole defects and superior adhesion. And our epoxy-free CADB® optical bonding is also ideal for high-power applications.

At Advanced Thin Films, we take pride in working with you to design your optic, with precision and timeliness. From the initial contact, you speak directly to one of our engineers, and we offer real-time design help (even over the phone).

So if you need a custom optic, call us today!

* Actual test data of a 99.95% HR at 1064 nm.
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